Custom Build

Building with Truth and Purpose means telling the truth, setting reasonable budgets and deadlines,
and seeing our clients as true partners instead of customers to be billed.

True Custom Homes

Pepperwood is a TRUE custom home builder. Each and every one of our homes has been custom designed and carefully crafted to suit our clients exacting needs.We build throughout Northern Ohio in one of our communities or on your homesite. Contact us today to learn more at 440.237.6000.

Custom Design Center

The most exciting aspect of building a home is having the opportunity to choose your personal design selections. Pepperwood Homes makes that sometimes overwhelming process a simple and efficient task by scheduling a personal appointment at our design center. Select from a wide variety of color schemes, cabinetry, counter tops and flooring to help make your home a true reflection of your lifestyle.

Measuring Up To Your Expectations

The Pepperwood Homes pledge is to meet or exceed our homeowner’s expectations with each house we build. During your pre-construction meeting, you will be presented with a Pepperwood Homes personalized measuring tape, allowing you to witness for yourself how we will measure up during the construction of your home.

Pre-Construction Meeting

Once all your selections have been made, a meeting will be held with your construction manager who will review the floor plan and your home site to ensure 100% accuracy. This is also the time to address any last minutes questions you may have before the ground breaking. You will also receive an estimated construction schedule, which will help determine your home’s completion date.

Construction Manager Partnership

Throughout the building process of your new Pepperwood home, your assigned construction manager will meet with regularly to discuss its progress and will be available to answer any questions you may have.

Quality Products Mean A Quality Home

Pepperwood Homes only utilizes quality materials throughout your home. The company believes that its homes are only as strong as the elements that of which they’re composed – therefore even the smallest component is carefully considered.

Determining Your Move-In Date

As the construction of your home progresses, your construction manager will keep you updated on your home’s projected date of completion. Our commitment to all of our Pepperwood Homes customers is that a consistent work schedule will be maintained during the entire construction process, keeping any delays to a minimum.

Work Site Punch Card

When each phase of the construction process is completed, your construction manager will review the work and sign off on the “construction punch card”, a sheet that will be posted at your home’s job site. This extra step of evaluation helps to ensure that each and every aspect of your Pepperwood home is completed accurately, in a timely manner and to your expectations.

Final Walk-Through

A final review of your home at pre-settlement with your construction manager will give you complete assurance of 100% satisfaction. Both your home’s interior and exterior features will be reviewed and examined for accuracy and quality. If there are any last minute adjustments that need to be made before you take possession of your home, they will be addressed at your final walk-through and corrected at once.

Home Owners Orientation

As you anticipate moving into your new residence, Pepperwood Homes would like to review all its unique features and proper maintenance to sustain its longevity. During this meeting, homeowners will learn specifics regarding appliances, heating and air conditioning units and all other systems throughout your home.

One-Year Service Warranty

Pepperwood Homes stands behind each home that it completes with a comprehensive one-year service warranty. During your home’s first year, it will have an opportunity to experience the change of seasons, allowing Pepperwood to make any adjustments as necessary.

Follow-Up Service

After residing in your new Pepperwood Homes for 60 days, the warranty department will contact you to schedule any necessary service. This allows you sufficient time to become settled and thoroughly examine all components of your new home. Staffed by fully authorized contractors, the warranty department will ensure that each repair will receive excellent care and the same level of craftsmanship found throughout your home.

Customer Pledge Program

Every Pepperwood home is constructed with quality materials and the labor of experienced craftsmen. We are proud of the product we create and the communities in which we build, and we strive to create long lasting value. Through the Pepperwood Homes Customer Pledge Program, our homebuyers have our commitment to a step-by-step approach of home construction that will allow customers to receive ongoing progress reports, an opportunity to ask questions and an overall feeling of satisfaction with their builder. Building a new home is a major undertaking – Pepperwood Homes pledges to be your guide.